Inzerát Laserový rezací stroj Trumpf Trumatic L 3030 bol predaný a nie je zahrnutý do vyhľadávania!
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laserový rezací stroj Trumpf Trumatic L 3030
laserový rezací stroj Trumpf Trumatic L 3030
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Značka:  Trumpf
Model:  Trumatic L 3030
Druh:  laserový rezací stroj
Rok výroby:  2004
Lokalizácia:  Nemecko Nuremberg
Dátum umiestnenia:  30. 3. 2024
Machineryline ID:  KB34092
Stav:  pojazdené

Dodatočné informácie — Laserový rezací stroj Trumpf Trumatic L 3030

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The Trumpf Trumatic L 3030
introduced in 2004
is a versatile and high-performance machine designed for laser cutting applications. It is part of Trumpf's renowned TruLaser series and is known for its precision
and efficiency
Equipped with a solid-state laser source
the Trumatic L 3030 is capable of cutting a wide range of materials
including steel
stainless steel
and non-ferrous metals. It utilizes a CNC control system to ensure precise and repeatable cutting operations
The machine features a large working area
allowing for the processing of various sheet sizes up to a maximum thickness
depending on the material being cut. Its high-speed linear drives enable rapid movement and positioning
reducing processing times and increasing overall productivity
With advanced laser technology
the Trumatic L 3030 offers excellent cutting quality
minimizing the need for post-processing and delivering accurate results. It also incorporates automated functions
such as nozzle changing and sheet detection
to streamline production and reduce operator intervention
The machine's user-friendly interface provides intuitive control and programming options
allowing operators to easily set up cutting parameters and optimize production. Safety features
such as protective enclosures and safety sensors
ensure a secure operating environment
In summary
the 2004 Trumpf Trumatic L 3030 is a powerful laser cutting machine that combines precision
and efficiency. Its advanced features and automation capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
enabling manufacturers to achieve high-quality results with enhanced productivity
specifications for the 2004 Trumpf Trumatic L 3030
1. Laser type: Solid-state laser
2. Laser power: Varies depending on configuration (e.g
3. Maximum sheet size (X x Y): 3000mm x 1500mm
4. Maximum material thickness (depending on material)
Steel: Up to 20mm
Stainless steel: Up to 12mm
Aluminum: Up to 8mm
Non-ferrous metals: Up to 5mm
5. Positioning speed: Up to 85m/min
6. Acceleration: Up to 1.5g (15 m/s²)
7. Axis drive system: High-speed linear drives
8. CNC control system: Trumpf CNC control
9. Automation features: Automated nozzle changing
sheet detection
10. Interface: User-friendly control panel for programming and operation
11. Safety features: Protective enclosures
safety sensors
12. Cooling system: Integrated water cooling
13. Power supply: 400V / 50Hz / 3-phase
14. Machine dimensions (approx.): Varies depending on configuration
15. Machine weight (approx.): Varies depending on configuration
Please note that these specifications may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the Trumatic L 3030
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